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List of Companies
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A. Lassonde Inc.
A.L. Bazzini Company, Inc.
Aaron Thomas Company, Inc.
AB Mauri Food Inc.
Abbott Nutrition, a div of Abbott Laboratories
ABCO Laboratories, Inc.
Acadian Maple Products Ltd
ACF Organics D/B/A Amish Country Farms
Acme Bread Co. Mountain View
ActiTech, L.P.
Activ International Inc.
Active Organics, Inc
Adams Extract & Spice, LLC
Adams Vegetable Oils, Inc.
ADF Foods USA, Ltd.
Affinity Flavors
Ag Mart - Invernadero
Ag Mart Produce (Jennings FL)
Ag Mart Produce (NC)
Ag Mart Produce S. De. R.L. de C.V.
Ag Mart Produce, Inc.
Agrana Fruit US, Inc
Agricola El Rosal S.A. de C.V.
Agropur Inc
Aiya America
Alamance Foods, Inc.
Albert's Organics dba Pacific Organic Produce
Albert's Organics Denver
Albert's Organics South East
Albert's Organics-East
Albert's Organics-New England
Albert's Organics-South
Albert's Organics-West
Albert’s Organics Twin Cities Division
Alfrebro LLC
Alive and Radiant Foods, Inc
All American Foods, Inc.
All Holding Co LLC
Allegro Coffee Company
Allen Flavors, Inc.
Allied Old English, Inc.
Allyson Enterprises Inc.
Aloha Medicinals, Inc.
Alta-Dena Certified Dairy, LLC, COI-South
Alter Eco Americas, PBC
Alvarado St. Bakery
Amano Foods Limited
Amazon Preservation Partners dba Zola Acai
Amazon Thunder, Inc.
AMC Direct, Inc.
AmCane Sugar, LLC
American Custom Drying Company
American Distilling, Inc.
American Natural Processors, LLC
American Naturals Company, LLC
American Specialty Oils
Ampoint Distribution
Amy's Kitchen, Inc.
Anacapa Foods LLC
Angie's Artisan Treats, LLC
Anita's Mexican Foods Corp.
Annie's, Inc.
Apffels Coffee
Appeeling Fruit, Inc
Apple & Eve, LLC
Applegate Farms
ARIA Specialties S.A. de C.V.
Ariake USA, Inc.
Arista Industries, Inc.
Arizona Nutritional Supplements
Arizona Production & Packaging
Artisan Bistro Foods, Inc. dba Food Collective, Organic Bistro, Helen's Foods
Aseptia Inc.
Aseptic Solutions USA
Associated Brands, LP
Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation (Greenville, MS)
Atoka Cranberries Inc.
Attune Foods, LLC
Aubrey Organics, Inc.
Aurora Organic Dairy
Aurora Organic Farms
Aust & Hachmann (Canada) LTD / LTEE
Autocrat LLC
Autumn Harp Inc.
Avafina Commodities
Avatar Corporation
AVB dba Dave's Killer Bread
Aveda Corporation
Aveka Nutra Processing
Awe Sum Organics, Inc
Axiom Foods, Inc.
Azteca Milling L.P.
B&G Foods Snacks, Inc.
B&G Foods, North America Inc. (Polaner Division)
B.R. Cohn Olive Oil Co.
Baby Gourmet Foods Inc.
Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Inc. aka Atlantic Essential Products Inc
Badia Spices, Inc.
Baker Cheese Factory, Inc
Bakkavor Foods USA, Inc.
Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc.
Baldwin Richardson Foods Co.
Baptista's Bakery Inc.
Barkley Seed Inc.
Barkman Honey, LLC
Barlean's Organic Oils
Barrel O`Fun Snack Foods Co.
Barry Callebaut Canada Inc.
Bascom Maple Farms, Inc.
Basic Grain Products, Inc.
Bay Area Coffee, Inc.
Bay Bread
Bay State Milling Company
Bay Valley Foods, LLC
Bayliss Botanicals, LLC
BCW Food Products, Inc.
Beaverton Foods, Inc.
Bee Maid Honey Limited
Berber Food Manufacturing dba Mi Rancho
Bernards Ediger Organic Farm
Bert & Wetta Sales, Inc.
BI Nutraceuticals
Bickel's Snack Foods
Bien Padre Foods, Inc.
Bilinski Sausage Manufacturing Co.
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.
Biotanico, Inc.
Birdsboro Kosher Farms
Blossom Valley Foods
Blount Seafood Corp. (dba Blount Fine Foods)
Blue Pacific Flavors, Inc.
Bob Taylor Farming LLC
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.
Bolke-Miller, Co.
Borden Dairy Company of Texas, LLC
Botanical Laboratories, LLC
Boulder Organic Beef, LLC
Boyd Coffee Company
Brand Packaging Group, Inc
Bridgewell Resources LLC
Briggs & Eggers Orchards
Brock Seed Company
Brockmann Chocolate Inc.
BSYD Corporation
Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc.
Burkart Farms
Bush Brothers & Company
Busseto Foods, Inc.
C & F Foods, Inc.
Cache Creek Foods, LLC.
Cadeco Industries, Inc.
Caesar’s Organic Pasta Specialties
Cafe Moto
Caffe Ibis Inc. Coffee Roasting Company
California Custom Fruits & Flavors, Inc.
California Natural Products
California Olive Ranch, Inc.
California Packaging Centers
California Splendor, Inc.
California Vegetable Specialties dba California Endive Farms
Canadian Harvest, LP
Cargill Incorporated
Carolina Beverage Group
Carrington Tea Company, The
Cat Claws, Inc.
Catania-Spagna Corporation
Caudill Seed Company Inc.
Cebro Frozen Foods
Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, Inc.
Cedarlane Natural Foods
Celestial Seasonings, a div. of Hain Celestial Group
Central Roast Inc.
Ceres Commodities LLC
Champs Mushrooms Inc.
Chelten House Products, Inc.
Chippewa Packaging
Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.
Cinacia, LLC
Ciranda, Inc.
Citromax Flavors
CJ Foods Manufacturing Corporation
CJ Stengel Inc dba Stengel Oils
Claremont Foods
Clarkson Grain Company, Inc.
Clarkson Soy Products, LLC
Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc.
Clement Pappas & Co., Inc.
Clif Bar & Co.
Cliffstar LLC
Clorox Company, The
Club Chef LLC
CMS Fine Foods, Inc.
Co. Exist Nutrition Corp. d/b/a 22 Days Nutrition
Coca-Cola Apopka Facility
Coca-Cola Atlanta Beverage Base Plant
Coca-Cola Caribbean Refrescos, Inc.
Coca-Cola Northampton Facility
Coca-Cola Refreshments
Coca-Cola, Waco, Tx
Cocomo Joe LLC
Cold Spring Brewing Co.
Colorado Quality Products
Colorado Tortilla Co., Inc.
Colorcon, Inc.
Colorganics Inc; dba hemp organics; dba Wine Country Organics
Columbus Baking Company
Columbus Vegetable Oils
Comax Manufacturing Corp.
Commercial Bakeries Corp.
ConAgra / Lovin' Oven, LLC
ConAgra Foods
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
ConAgra Foods, Inc./Harvest Manor- El Paso, Texas
ConAgra Foods/Ralston Foods – Cedar Rapids
Concord Foods, Inc.
Condor Snack Company
Continental Terminals, Inc.
Cook Natural Products
Cool-Pak Solutions, LLC
Cooler Cleanse
CoPak Solutions, Inc.
Cornfields, Inc.
Cosmetix West, Inc.
Cosmo Pack, LLC
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Cott Corporation
Country Life LLC
Creative Flavor Concepts, Inc.
creative werks, llc
Cresco Food Technologies, LLC
Crest Foods Co., Inc.
Cris-P Greenhouses S. de R.L. de C.V.
Crofters Food Ltd.
Crosset Company
Crunch Pak, LLC
Cuisine Solutions
Culinary Brands Inc.
D.D. Williamson & Co., Inc.
Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.
Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (MO)
Dakota Specialty Milling, Inc
Dale and Thomas Popcorn
Damascus Bakery Inc.
Danisco USA, Inc. - St. Joseph
Darigold, Inc
David Michael & Company
DaVinci Group Holdings, Inc.
Daymar Select Fine Coffees
Dean Foods
Dean Foods of Indiana
Deardorff Family Farms
DeBernardi Dairy, Inc
Del Fresco Produce Ltd.
Del Mar Food Products Corp.
Dependable Distribution Services
Derlea Brand Foods, Inc.
Deseret Laboratories, Inc.
Devansoy, Inc.
Diamond Crystal Brands
Diamond Wipes International
Dietz and Watson, Inc. Philadelphia
Distinct Indulgence Inc
DMB Packing Corp., dba DiMare International
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC
Don't Go Nuts, LLC
Double J Meat Packing, Inc.
Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice Creams, Inc.
Dr. J SkinClinic, Inc.
Dr. Smoothie Enterprises
Draper Valley Holdings, LLC
DrVita, Inc. (Delaware Corp.)
Dupuy Storage & Forwarding LLC
Dupuy Storage Houston LLC
E.D. Smith Foods, Ltd
Eagle Alcohol Company LLC
Eagle Farms, LLC
Earth Island
Earth's Own Food Company Inc.
East Farms LC
East West Tea Company, LLC
Eastern Shore Poultry Co., Inc.
Eastern Tea Corporation
Eatem Foods Company
Edward & Sons Trading Co.
Eggland's Best, LLC
Ehrmann Arizona Dairy, LLC
El Pinto Foods LLC
Elementis Specialties, Inc.
Elixens America, Inc.
Emmi Roth USA Inc
Engelhart Gourmet Foods, Inc.
Enger Farms, LLC
English Fruit Farm
Escalon Premier Brands, Inc.
Etheridge Farms
Ethical Bean Coffee Company
Ethnic Foods, Inc
Euro-USA Trading Co., Inc
Everest Packaging Corp.
Everland Natural Foods, Inc.
Evolution Fresh, Inc.
Extreme Iron Inc.
Factors Group of Nutritional Companies Inc.
Factors Group of Nutritional Companies Inc.
Falcon Trading Company, Inc.
Fantasy Cookie Company
Faribault Foods, Inc.
FasPac Packaging LP
Fazio Foods International Ltd.
Feed Source, Inc dba R.O. Shelling Feed & Grain
Ferrara Candy Company
Fillo Factory, Inc.
Fiore Di Pasta, Inc.
Firmenich Incorporated
First Source LLC
First Source LLC.
Fitzgerald Seed Farm
Five Star Food Products Inc.
Flavor & Fragrance Specialties
Flavor Factory, The
Flavor Producers, Inc.
Flavorchem Corporation
Flavorseal, LLC
Fleischmann`s Vinegar Company, Inc.
Flora Manufacturing & Distributing, Ltd.
Flora, Inc.
Florida Crystals Food Corp.
Follmer Development, Inc.
Food For Life Baking Company, Inc.
FoodSource, LLC
FoodState, Inc.
Foster Farms
Foster Farms - Cherry Plant
Franco Whole Foods
Freed Foods Inc (dba NurturMe)
Freeline Organic Food USA LLC
Fresca Foods Inc.
Fresh & Ready Foods
Fresh Tofu, Inc.
Freshline Foods Ltd.
Frontier Natural Products Coop
Fruitcrown Products Corporation
Frutarom USA Inc., (Cincinnati)
Frutas Tropicales Ibarra SPR de RL
Fuji Food Products, Inc.
Fuji Vegetable Oil, Inc.
Full-Fill Industries
Furman Foods, Inc. dba Furmano Foods
G & S Foods Inc.
G Farms
G.E. Barbour Inc.
G.L. Mezzetta, Inc.
Galaxy Botanicals, LLC
Gamlake Dairy
Gandy's Dairies, LLC
Garden Fresh Gourmet
Garden State Nutritionals, a div. of Vitaquest Intl., LLC
Garelick Farms - Franklin
GCF Frozen, Inc. dba Nature Quality
Gemini Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Gemperle Farms
Gemsa Enterprises, LLC dba Italcal Trading Co.
General Mills - James Ford Bell Technical Center
General Mills Operations, LLC
General Mills- Cincinnati
Genysis Brand Solutions
Geri Partnership
GFF, Inc.
Gibbsville Cheese Co., Inc.
Gills Onions, LLC
Gilster-Mary Lee Corp.
Gimme Health Foods LLC
Ginnybakes, Inc.
Giovanni Foods Co, Inc
Giusto's Specialty Foods, LLC
Glanbia Nutritionals (NA), Inc.
GLK Foods, LLC
Global Essence, Inc.
Global Kaizen
Global River, Inc.
Globalinx Foods LLC / Globalinx Corporation
GloryBee Natural Sweeteners
GMP Nutraceuticals, Inc.
Goddess Garden
Gold Bell, Inc.
Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc.
Golden Boy Foods - Brampton Plant
Golden Boy Foods Ltd. 
Golden Boy Foods, Ltd.
Golden Boy Nut Corporation
Golden Specialty Foods, LLC
Golden Valley Farms Commodities, Inc.
Golding Farms Foods, Inc.
GoMacro, LLC
Good Health Natural Products, Inc.
Goodson Brothers Coffee Company, Inc.
Gouldman Creek Farms
Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.
Grain Process Enterprises Ltd
Graminex LLC
Grant County Foods LLC
Granum, Inc.
Grassland Dairy Products, Inc.
Great American Appetizers, Inc.
Great Eastern Sun Trading Co. Inc.
Great River Organic Milling
Green Foods Corporation
Green Meadow Organics
Green Stripe de Mexico R.L. de C.V.
Green Thumb Produce, Inc
Green Wave Farms LLC
Greener Formulas
Groupe TAQ
Gulf Rice Milling, Inc.
H. Brooks & Co.
H.E. Butt San Antonio Milk & Culture Plant
H.E.Butt Grocery Company
H.P. Hood, LLC
Ha's Apple Farm
Hahn's of Westminster
Hain Celestial Group Inc, Personal Care, The
Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
Hain Gourmet dba Sensible Portions
Hain Pure Protein Corporation
Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
Harney & Sons Tea Corporation
Healthy Beverage Company
Hearthside Food Solutions – Gibson City
Hearthside Food Solutions, LLC
Hearthside Food Solutions, LLC (Des Plaines)
Hearthside Food Solutions- Lakeville
Heartland Mill, Inc.
Heather Loraine Cosmetics, LLC
Heather's Tummy Care
HEB Snack Plant
Hemp Health Inc.
Henrico Area Mental Health and Development Services
Herbal Powers Corporation DBA HP Ingredients
Herbally Yours, Inc.
Hero Nutritional Products LLC
Hesco, Inc.
Hidden Villa Ranch
Hidden Villa Ranch
High Quality Organics, Inc
Hillside Candy LLC
HimalaSalt - Sustainable Sourcing, llc
Holli-Pac, Inc.
HoneyBar Products International, Inc.
Horizon Organic Dairy, LLC
House Foods America Corporation
Husks Unlimited, Inc.
Huxtables Kitchen, Inc.
HVL, LLC / Douglas Laboratories
Hyde & Hyde, Inc.
IFP, Inc.
Imagine Baking, Inc.
Improve USA and Improvera USA LLC, Divisions of Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.
Infinity Organic Foods LLC
Ingenio El Higo C.V.
Ingredion Incorporated Indianapolis Plant
Initiative Foods, LLC
Inland Empire Foods, Inc.
Innovation Foods, LLC
Intelligent Blends
InterAmerican Coffee
Interbake Foods, LLC
InterChange Group Inc.
Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc.
International Coffee Corporation
International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (IFF)
International Sugars Inc
International Vitamin Corporation
Interpac Technologies, Inc.
Interstate Snacks Inc.
Ippolito Fruit and Produce Limited
Ironwood Clay Company Inc.
Island Aseptics LLC
It's It Ice Cream
Italian Rose Gourmet Products
IVG, Inc. dba Brock Farms
J & D Laboratories, Inc.
J & J Ranch
J & L Grain Processing
J&J Distributing
J-Van Acres Ltd.
J. Marchini & Son, Inc.
Jasper Products, LLC
Jasper Wyman & Son, Inc.
Java City
Javo Beverage Company
Jedwards International Inc.
Jeff Mettler Farms, Inc.
JJR Distributing Corp. D/B/A DiSilva Fruit
JLT Ranch
JMH International, LLC
Joe Heger Farms
Joel & James Starr Partnership
Jogue Inc. - Northville Labs
Johanna Beverage Company, LLC
Johanna Foods, Inc.
John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
John F. Martin & Sons
JTF Organics/ Tonascia Farms
Just Tomatoes, Etc!
Kagome Foods, Inc.
Kaia Foods
Kaiser Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
Kaldi's, Inc.
Kamenstein Corp.
Karma Candy Inc.
Katadyn North America Foods, LLC.
KeHe Distributors, LLC
Keller's Creamery,a division of Dairy Farmers of America Inc
Kellogg Company
Kemin Industries, Inc.
Kemps LLC - Rochester Milk Plant
Kemps, LLC
Kenco Logistic Services, LLC
Kenny's Candy, Co.
Kent Precision Foods Group
Kerry Inc.
Kettle Cuisine LLC
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
KFM Foods International, Inc.
Kikkoman Food Products Company
Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc.
King Arthur Flour Co., Inc.
Kingsmill Foods
Kiolbassa Provision Company
Klondike Cheese Company
Koyo Foods, Inc.
Kroger Company, The
Kroger Jackson Dairy
Kroger Kenlake Foods
Kroger Pontiac Foods
Kroger Swan Island Dairy
Kroger Tamarack Farms Dairy
KSH Inc. dba Deerfields Bakery
Kusha Inc DBA L.T. Foods Americas
L&S Packing Company, Inc.
L.B. Maple Treat Corp.
L.H. Gray & Son Ltd.
La Colonial Tortilla Products, Inc.
La Fe Tortilleria
La Flor de Mexico, Inc.
La Maison Orphee, Inc.
La Siembra Co-operative
La Terra Fina
La Tortilla Factory
Lake Champlain Chocolates
Lakeside Foods, Inc.
Lakeside Organic Gardens
Lamagna Cheese Co. Inc.
Landsverk Dairy, Inc.
Lassonde Beverages Canada
Late July Snacks, LLC
Le Sueur Food Ingredients
Leclerc Foods USA, Inc
Lehi Roller Mills LLC
Lepage Bakeries, Inc.
Les Viandes Du Breton Inc.
Liberty Trust
Liberty Vegetable Oil Company
Lief Organics LLC
Lightlife Foods
Lindy Farms I, A CA. LIM. Partnership
Lineage Logistics - Riverside
Lineage Logistics ICM, LLC
Lineage Logistics- Mira Loma
Lipman Produce
Litehouse Inc.
Little Duck Organics, Inc.
Living Raw, LLC
Loblaw Brands Ltd.
Lucerne Foods, Inc.
Lucini Italia Co.
Ly Brothers Corporation dba Sugar Bowl Bakery
M Block & Sons, Inc.
Ma's Pasta, Ltd.
Mad Will's Food Company
Made in Nature, LLC
Magnolia Foods LLC
Mallet and Company Inc.
Mane USA Inc.
Manildra Milling Corp.
Manischewitz Company, The
Manna Organics, LLC
Maple Donuts Erie, LLC
Maple Grove Farms of VT (Division of B&G Foods)
Marathon Cheese Corporation
Marathon Packing Corp.
MarFood USA, Inc
Mariah Foods
Mariani Packing Co., Inc.
Market Solutions Group LLC
Mars Drinks North America
Mars Foods US
Marzetti Frozen Pasta, Inc.
Masada Bakery, LLC
Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group USA
Mastron Enterprises Limited
Mastronardi Produce - USA, Inc., Midwest Division
Mastronardi Produce - West LLC
Mastronardi Produce, Limited
Mattawoman Creek Farms, LLC
McCain Foods USA
McCormick and Company, Inc.
McCormick Canada
McCormick Organic Farms
McCrackens Feed Mill Inc
McEntire Produce, Inc.
McGeary Organics, Inc.
McIlpack Inc.
McKay Smith Farms
McLaughlin Coffee Company, Inc.
Meadow Gold Dairy- Englewood
MegumiNATTO, Inc.
Melitta USA, Inc.
Michael and Gwen Van Gurp o/a Providence Farms
Michael Angelo's Gourmet Italian Foods, Inc.
Middle East Bakery, Inc.
Midwestern BioAg, Inc.
Mighty Leaf Tea Company
Mike Anderson Farms
MiMama's Tortillas, LLC
Minsley, Inc.
Misionero Vegetables
Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
Mission Foods
Mission Foods - Mountain Top Plant
Mixed Nuts, Inc.
Mizkan Americas, Inc.
Model Dairy
Modesto Wholesoy Co., LLC
Molinaro's Fine Italian Foods, Ltd.
Monin, Inc.
Montana Specialty Mills, L.L.C.
Monterey Bay Spice Co.
Morehouse Foods, Inc.
Morton & Bassett Spices
Mosher's Organic Grain Co., L.L.C.
Motek Organics LLC
Mother Parker's Tea & Coffee
Mountain High Organics, Inc.
Mountanos Brothers Coffee Co.
Mulberry Love, LLC
Multibar Foods Inc.
Multiple Organics, Inc.
Murphy Commodities
National Fruit Product Company, Inc.
Natural Products, Inc.
Natural Substitute International, Inc.
Nature Nate's Honey Company
Nature's Best
Nature's Cathedral, Inc.
Nature's Garden Express, LLC
Nature's Kick Corporation
Nature's Path Foods, Inc.
Nature's Products
Nature's Pure Beverage Co LLC
Nature's Sungrown Foods, Inc.
Natures Best Farms
NaturOli Beautiful, LLC
Natursource Inc.
NBTY Manufacturing, LLC.
ND Foods, Inc.
Nebraska Salt and Grain Co.
Negocio Agricola San Enrique Hermosillo
Nellson Nutraceutical, LLC
New Directions Aromatics, Inc./Poya Marketing LTD.
New England Natural Bakers
NewOrganics, Inc.
NewStar Fresh Foods, LLC
Nexgen Pharma Inc, dba Nexgen Pharma, Vitamer and Vitaceutical Labs
NHK Laboratories
Nielsen Citrus Products Co., Inc.
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc.
NNS Organics Limited
Noble Foods, Inc.
Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc.
North Star Processing, LLC
Northern Gold Foods, Ltd.
Northern Soy, Inc.
Nothing But Nature Inc.
NOW Foods
NP Food Service Sales, LLC
Numi Inc.
Nuovo Pasta Productions, LTD.
Nutiva, Inc.
NutraSun Foods Ltd
Nuts To You Nut Butter, Inc.
Nutsco, Inc
Oak State Products
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
Odwalla, Inc.
Oilseeds International Ltd.
Old Fashioned Natural Products, Inc.
Old Orchard Brands, LLC
Old Pueblo Ranch, Inc. (DBA La Reina)
Olde Thompson Inc
Olde York Potato Chips
Olds Products Company
Oliver Olives Inc. dba Sardo Foods
Olli Salumeria Americana LLC dba Olli Salumeria
Omega Nutrition Canada, Inc.
One Straw Organics
Organic By Nature, Inc.
Organic Culture Corporation
Organic Food Incubator LLC
Organic Land Management, Inc.
Organic Milling, Inc.
Organic Partners International, LLC
Organic Trust Farms S. de R.L.
Organica Fresh
organicgirl, LLC
Original Living Coconut LLC
OSF Flavors, Inc.
Overflo Warehouse
Overhill Farms Inc.
P. Todd Williams
P.I.M. Brands, LLC
Pacific Blue Coffee, Inc.
Pacific Choice Brands, Inc.
Pacific Coast Fruit Products Ltd.
Pacific Soybean & Grain, Inc.
Pacific Spice Company, Inc.
PacMoore Process Technologies
Pamela's Products Inc. dba The Baking Company
Pancake Organics
Paragon Laboratories
Parker Products, Inc.
Parmalat Canada, Inc.
Partners Alliance Cold Storage, Inc.
Paul deLima Coffee Co., Inc.
PBM Nutritionals, LLC
Peace Coffee
Peak Of The Market
Peak Organic Brewing Co., LLC
Pear Garden Produce
Pearl Valley Eggs
Pederson, Neal
Pedersons Natural Farms
Peeled Inc, dba Peeled Snacks
Peerless Coffee
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Pegasus Foods, Inc.
Perdue Foods LLC
Perfection Bakeries dba Aunt Millie's Kalamazoo Bakery
Perricone Juice Co.
Perry's Ice Cream Co.
Petra Industries, Inc.
PGP International, An ABF Ingredients Company
Pharmaloz Manufacturing, Inc
Phil's Fresh Foods, LLC dba Evol Burritos
Pilgrim Foods, division of Old Dutch Mustard Co. Inc.
Pines International, Inc.
Pique Tea, Inc.
Pocino Foods
Polar Beverage Southern Bottling
Pompeian, Inc
POPLA International, Inc.
Port City Bakery dba A&K Crust
Power Packaging
Prairie Harvest Canada Ltd.
Prairie Heritage Seeds Organics, Inc.
Premier Organics
Premier Specialties, Inc.
Pri-Pak, Inc.
Pride Solvent & Chemical Co. of NJ, Inc.
Primrose Candy Company
Priority Seed Production LLC
Prism Team Services Inc. of The East Bay
Private Label Select Ltd Co
Pro Organics
Probar, LLC
Procacci Brothers Sales Corp.
PRODAPAC, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Profile Food Ingredients
ProPortion Foods, LLC
Prosperity Organic Foods, Inc.
Pulmuone Wildwood, Inc.
Purcell Jojoba International (AZ)
Pure Source, Inc.
Purity Foods, Inc.
Q & B Foods, Inc.
QTrade Teas and Herbs
Quality Ingredients Corporation
Quinoa Corporation
Quoc Viet Foods, Inc. DBA Cafvina Coffee & Tea
R.C. Bigelow Inc.
Rana Meal Solutions, LLC
Ready Pac Produce, Inc.
Red Sun Farms, LLC
Reena Enterprises Limited O/A Total Health Centre
Reinhart Foods Limited
Reliance Vitamin
Reneu Concepts Corp dba Ikaati
René Rey Chocolates Ltd.
Republic of Tea, The
Revolution Tea, LLC
Rhema Health Products Inc.
Richard Wilbur Ranch
Richardson Milling (South Sioux City)
Richardson Milling Limited
Richgrove Company
Richmond Baking of Georgia
Riega Foods, LLC
Rishi Tea
Riviana Foods, Inc.
RJW Warehouse LLC
RMH Foods, LLC
Roasterie, Inc.
Robinson Fresh
Robinson Fresh
Rockview Farms
Rocky Mountain Foods, Inc.
Rogers Foods Ltd.
Ronnoco Coffee LLC
Rovey Seed Company, Inc.
Roxy Trading, Inc.
Royal Coffee New York, Inc
Royal Cup, Inc.
Rudi's Organic Bakery
Ruiz Mexican Foods, Inc
Russ Davis Wholesale, Inc.
Ryan's, LLP
S & D Coffee, Inc.
Sa-Ger Food Products, Inc.
Sabra Dippings LLC
Saline Seed S.P.R. de R.L.
Sambazon Inc.
San Francisco Spice Co.
San Joaquin Figs, Inc.
San-J International, Inc.
Sanmik Foods (Pvt) Ltd
Santa Cruz Nutritionals
Santa Sweets Inc.
Santa Sweets, Inc. - Nogales
Saputo Cheese USA Inc.
Saputo Dairy Foods USA Inc - Tulare
Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC - Sulphur Springs, TX
Savannah Sugar Refinery, Louis Dreyfus Commodities
Schiff Food Product Co. Inc.
Schreiber Foods, Inc. - Shippensburg
Schwabe North America
Schwans Global Supply Chain
Schwartz Brothers Bakery
Scisorek & Son Flavors, Inc.
Sconza Candy Company
Scotsburn Dairy Group
Sea Breeze Fruit Flavors, Inc.
Seabrook Brothers and Sons, Inc.
Seapoint Farms, LLC
Seeds of Change
Seenergy Foods Limited
Select Products & Flavors, LLC
Select Supplements, Inc
Seneca Foods Corporation
Sensible Organics, Inc.
Sensient Flavors, LLC
Sensient Food Colors Inc.
Shamrock Farms Co.
Shamrock Foods - Dairy Division
Shank's Extracts, Inc.
Sherway Warehousing Inc.
Sierra Cascade Nursery, Inc.
Sierra Food Group, Inc
Sigma Services Corporation
Signature Breads Inc. Tempe Facility
Silva International Inc.
Silveira Farms
Simply Fresh Foods, Inc.
Sioux Honey Association
Sir Aubrey's Tea Company, Ltd dba White Lion Tea
SK Food International
Sky Valley Foods, Inc.
Smucker Natural Foods, Inc
Snak King
Snyder's-Lance, Inc.
Sobeys National Merchandising
Sol Foods, Inc
Sonoma Specialty Foods
Sonoma Valley Foods, Inc.
Sonwil Distribution Center, Inc.
Soup Bases Loaded, Inc.
Source Nutrition Manufacturing LLC
Southeastern Mills, Inc.
Southern Brown Rice, Inc.
Southern Tea, LLC New Jersey
Southwest Products LLC dba Circle Foods, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Tyson
Sowden Bros.
Soy Investors II, LLC dba Harvest Innovations
Soy Investors, LLC
Soyfoods of America
Soylutions, Inc.
Sozio, Inc.
Spa de Soleil, Inc.
Spa Springs Mineral Water Company Ltd.
Specialty Blending Co., LLC.
Specialty Commodities, Inc
Specialty Food Ingredients
Specialty Rice, Inc
Spectrum Foods Inc. Dba Nexcel Natural Ingredients
Splendor Salad - Ledesma Family Farm
Sprout Foods, Inc.
Spruce Foods
Spécialités Lassonde Inc
SSB Holdings, Inc.
Standard Functional Foods Group
Stapleton-Spence Packing Co.-Rio Pluma Facility
Starbucks Coffee Company dba Tazo Tea Company
Starwest Botanicals, Inc.
Stash Tea Company
State Garden, Inc.
Stephenson Group, Ltd.
Steuben Foods, Inc.
Stonyfield Farm, Inc.
Stoppel Farm Management
Stremicks Heritage Foods
Sturm Foods, Inc.
Stuyver's Operating Limited Partnership
Sugar Creek Packing Co.
Sugar Foods Corporation
Suiza Dairy Group, LLC (dba Schenkel's Dairy)
Sukhi's Gourmet Indian Foods
Summer Fresh Salads, Inc.
Summer Garden Food Manufacturing
Sun Deep Incorporated
Sun Garden Specialty Tea
Sunbelt Transplants, Inc.
Sunco Foods Inc
Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd.
Sunny State Products, Inc.
Sunnyland Mills
Sunnyland Organic, Inc.
SunOpta Grains and Foods Inc.
SunOpta Inc.
SunOpta Ingredients, Inc. - Fosston Facility
Sunora Foods Ltd.
Sunrise Farms, Inc
Sunrise Farms, LLC
Sunrise Growers Inc.
Sunrise Soya Foods
Sunshine Organics Greens, Inc.
Suuna Life Inc. DBA Extreme Health USA
SVB Foods
Sweet Candy Company
Sweet Harvest Foods
Sweet Ovations LLC
Sweet Sue's Bakery, Inc.
Sweetener Products Inc.
Sweetener Products, Co.
Tabatchnick Fine Foods, Inc.
Tadin Herb and Tea Co
Taggart & Taggart Seed, Inc.
Target Corporation
Tate & Lyle Custom Ingredients, LLC
Taylor Farms New Jersey, Inc.
Taylor Farms Pacific
Taylor Farms Retail, Inc.
Teasdale Foods
Teeccino Caffe, Inc.
Texas Chaw Meat Products
TH Foods, Inc.
The Andersons, Inc.
The Borderless Group LLC
The Coca-Cola Company, American Canyon Facility
The Essential Baking Company
The Jel Sert Company
The Olive Oil Factory, LLC
The Spice Hunter, Inc.
The Tao of Tea
Theo Chocolate
Thompson Brands
Thorverk hf
Thorvin, Inc.
THRC, Inc. dba Terranova Coffee Roasting Company
TIC Gums
Time- Cap Labs Inc. Dba Custom Coatings Inc.
Tip Top Poultry, Inc.
Toby Farrow Farms
Top Shelf Beverages, Inc.
Trademark Cosmetics, Inc.
Trader Joe's Company
Trans-Herb e, Inc.
Transchemical, Inc.
Treehugger Organics Inc.
Tribe Mediterranean Foods, Inc.
Triple H Food Processors, Inc.
Tropical Preserving Co., Inc.
Tru Sweets, LLC
True Brew Enterprises LLC
Twin Girls Farms
Twinings North America, Inc.
Twinlab Corporation - American Fork Plant
Two Leaves Tea Company
U.S. Durum Products, Ltd.
Uncle Lee's Tea
UNFI Canada Inc - Grocery West
UNFI-Dayville Division
United American Industries, Inc. DBA Wisdom Natural Brands
United Cocoa Processors, Inc
United Juice Companies of America, Inc.
United Laboratories Manufacturing, LLC
United Natural Foods West, Inc.
United Natural Foods, Inc. - Select Nutrition, PA
United States Distilled Products
Universal Commodities (Tea) Trading Inc.
Universal Holdings LLC d.b.a. Smith Brothers Company
Upstate Niagara Cooperative - Rochester, NY
USA Container Co., Inc.
Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
Vacaville Fruit Co. Inc.
Valley Foods, Inc.
Van de Vries Spice Corporation
Van Drunen Farms
Van's International Foods
Vanilla Corporation of America, LLC
Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc.
Veg Fresh Farms, LLC
Ventura Foods, LLC - Birmingham, AL
Ventura Foods, LLC - Opelousas
Venus Wafers Inc.
VerMints Inc.
Veronica Foods Co., Inc.
Vibrant Health Products Inc. DBA Silver Hills Bakery
Vicrossano Inc.
Victor M Villalobos
Virginia Dare Extract Co.
Vision Processing Technologies, Inc.
Vitasoy USA, Inc.
Viva Labs Inc.
Voila! Juice Co.
Von Hoppen Ice Cream dba FrutStix
W.R. Vernon Produce Company, Inc.
Wallaby Yogurt Company
Wan Ja Shan International, LLC / Mandarin Soy Sauce, Inc.
Warnock Food Products, Inc.
Watershed Foods, LLC
Watkins Incorporated
Wawona Frozen Foods
Wayne County Foods, Inc.
Weber Family Farms, Inc.
Weetabix Company, Inc.
Weetabix of Canada Limited
Wellington Foods, Inc.
Wellspring Bakehouse
Wenger's Feed Mill, Inc.
West Point Dairy, LLC - Hyrum, UT
West Point Dairy, LLC-Nebraska
Western Quality Foods
Western Waffles
Western Waffles Corp.
Westrock Coffee LLC
Westside Transplant LLC
Westside Transplant LLC - Winters
Westway Feed Products, Inc.
WFM Private Label, L.P.
WFM Purchasing LP
White Coffee Corporation
Whitehall Specialties
Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc.
Wholesum Family Farms Inc.
Wholesum Farms Arizona, LLC.
Wholly Wholesome, a Division of Run-A-Ton Group
Wikifoods, Inc.
WILD Flavors, Inc.
Wildtree Herbs, Inc.
Will-Pak Foods, Inc.
Williams, West & Witt's Products Co. dba Integrative Flavors
Wing Nien Foods
Wing’s Food Products
Winterhaven Ranches
Wisoman Food Inc.
Without Wheat Foods Company, LLC (WOW Foods)
Wixon, Inc
Woodspur Farming, LLC
Woodstock Farms
WorldWise, Inc.
WWF Operating Company
Wyandot, Inc
Y-OPCO, LLC (dba Fresh & Easy)
Yamamotoyama of America
Yamasa Corporation, U.S.A.
YaYA Foods Corp
Yerba Prima, Inc.
You Love Fruit, Inc.
Zavida Coffee Company, Inc.
Zazzie Foods
Zeigler's Beverages, LLC
Zentis North America Operating, LLC
Zhena's Gypsy Tea
Zook Molasses Company/Good Food, Inc.
ZoomEssence, Inc.
Zucrum Internacional S.A. de C.V.
180 Snacks
33rd Street Bakery, Inc.
4Earth Farms