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Freshline Foods Ltd.
2501-A Stanfield Road
Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 1R6

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Facility Information:

Facility #1: Freshline Foods Ltd.
2501-A Stanfield Road
Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 1R6

Certification Type:

Show productsHide products COR - Handler (Processor)
      Certification Number: C0029759-CORHPC-5

      Product Details:
Product Name Claim Description Listed Date
  Apples, Gala Organic 8/27/2010
  Apples, Golden Delicous Organic 8/27/2010
  Apples, Granny Smith Organic 8/27/2010
  Broccoli Organic 9/23/2010
  Cabbage, Green Organic 8/27/2010
  Cabbage, Red Organic 7/7/2013
  Carrots, Cut Organic 6/8/2015
  Corriander, Cut Organic 6/8/2015
  Garlic Organic 8/27/2010
  Grapefruit Organic 8/27/2010
  Green Onion Organic 6/8/2015
  Kiwi Fruit Organic 8/27/2010
  Lemons Organic 8/27/2010
  Lettuce, Green Leaf Organic 8/27/2010
  Lettuce, Red Leaf Organic 8/27/2010
  Lettuce, Romaine Organic 8/27/2010
  Onions, Yellow Organic 8/27/2010
  Oranges Organic 8/27/2010
  Peppers, Green Organic 8/27/2010
  Peppers, Red Organic 6/8/2015
  Peppers, Yellow Organic 6/8/2015
  Potatoes, Red Organic 8/27/2010
  Potatoes, Russet Organic 8/27/2010
  Potatoes, Yukon Gold Organic 8/27/2010
  Tangerines Organic 8/27/2010
  Tomatoes, Cluster Organic 8/27/2010
  Tomatoes, Hot House Organic 8/27/2010